Drift Into Color Sensations: Bedroom Trends For 2020

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There are few endeavors more worthwhile than transforming our bedrooms into tranquil paradises in which we can unwind. After all, we know how crucial sleep is to our general well-being! If you dream of creating that perfectly cozy and inviting space, ideally suited to drifting off to dreamland, the team at Ginger Dream are here to assist. Here, we will explore the latest bedroom trends and best color palettes for a fashionable den of slumber.


Serenity By The Sea

French linen bedding set, linen sheet, linen quilt cover 

The anticipated highlight of 2020 in terms of bedroom trends is unquestionably the seaside palette. Permeating fashion runways and interior design circles alike, 2020 will be the year in which we all dream of a blissed-out coastal moment of our very own! It's easy to envision why such bright, airy, and calming colors might be favored in the bedroom.

Imagine luxurious ocean-front scenes, laced with sun-bleached driftwood, sand dunes and a cool blue sky up above. If you're feeling utterly serene just thinking about it, then this is the palette for you! Why not consider soothing Serenity Blue or divinely sandy Oatmeal French flax bedding for a seaside inspired twist to your inner sanctum.


Natural Materials And Natural Tones

Ochre terracotta linen sheet, rose pink linen sheet, quilt cover

The next bedroom trend highlight that we are all certain to welcome is a surge of the nature-inspired. Naturally finished wood, stone features, and wholesome fabrics such as linen and cotton are set to soften our home interiors. With environmental awareness on the rise, a transition to the nature-inspired seems absolutely fit! This season's designers are embracing deep earthy tones, and interspersing them with what has been dubbed “enhanced” neutrals: imagine the pastel color palette of last year, and then breathe more life into it! Envision sage greens, salmon pinks, fired earth and ochre. To hit this bedroom trend, combine flax linen bedding of Golden Ochre or Salmon Rose with natural, textured accessories. Playing with texture in your sanctuary of sleep is a wonderful way to create depth and interest while maintaining an overall energy that is both harmonious and refreshing.


The Freshest Thing Is Neo Mint

Ginger Dream neo mint linen bedding set, neo mint linen sheet

(Image: WGSN)

With refreshment in mind, if you are dreaming of something a little more modern (pun intended!) then you must certainly look no further than the hottest color for 2020: Neo Mint. Jane Boddy, Color Director at WGSN, described it as an “oxygenating fresh tone that succinctly aligns futuristic development with nature.” We love this sentiment, and love the look even more! Perfectly marrying science and tech with the natural world, Neo Mint is set to appear in just about every area of design – bedroom trends and beyond – over the year ahead. For bedrooms, it couldn't be a better choice. A tranquil and yet youthful color, Neo Mint is gender neutral, elegant and refined. Sink into ultra-soft Neo Mint sheets with your very own on-trend bedding, uniting the future and the past for ideal restoration and rejuvenation!


Be Playful With Mix-And-Match


Ginger Dream mix and match bed linen

Drawing inspiration from this season's focus on the nature-inspired doesn't mean that your bedroom can't express some spirited playfulness! If you enjoy bringing fun elements into your interior design, why not embrace the zestiest of bedroom trends: mix-and-match with beautiful bedding? The soothing palette to be discovered in the Ginger Dream 100% French flax linen selection is perfectly suited to whimsical color-swapping. Follow your mood and your imagination, creating bedding combinations that transition with you into 2020!


Set The Scene For Restful Repose


Green cotton sheet

The bedroom is a space in which we spend a substantial portion of each 24 hour period. With this in mind, giving time and attention to creating a wonderful bedroom environment is undeniably an investment worth making. After all, the quality of our rest dictates our capacity to approach each day with energy and enthusiasm! As we leave one decade, and enter the next, why not reinvent your bedroom to align with your future aspirations? An exquisite, bedroom trends inspired, color scheme can be highlighted with air-cleaning plants, gentle lighting and de-cluttered natural surfaces. Tease your senses with aromatherapy candles and soothing essential oils. Create a palace in which to sleep, and set forth into 2020 with your best foot forward!


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