Long-Staple Cotton: Not all cottons are born equal

A lot of words can be used to describe cotton: soft, smooth, comfy, and cozy, to name a few. Ginger Dream’s cotton sheets are crafted from premium Long-Staple cotton and fine yarn in a single ply. Woven in Sateen with a 300 thread count at the affordable price, our selection will be your first choice.

Long Staple Fibre


300 thread count long staple cotton sheet


The longer the fibres, the finer the yarn and the smoother and stronger the fabric. For this reason, Long Staple Cotton is a popular choice to make sheets, towels, and other quality products. Through the spinning and weaving process, a longer fiber length results in a smoother surface with fewer exposed fiber ends. This means that the sheets made of long-staple cotton will fray less, pill less and more wrinkle resistance than those made with shorter fibres. At Ginger Dream, we only uses 100% premium long staple fabrics for our cotton collection.  

Thread Count

300 thread count cotton sheet

Thread count is the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. This number is based on the threads woven horizontally ("weft") and vertically ("warp"). In the past, thread count was used as a measure of quality—the higher the thread count, the better the quality. 

But is higher thread count really better?

Thread count alone is not a good indicator of quality for your bedding. By weaving extra thread into the fabric and using lower quality cotton to create extra threads, a thread count of 600 might really be just 200, low-quality triple-ply threads. Since this process utilizes a lot of material, the sheets will feel heavy. As a result, high thread count sheets can block air, trap body heat, and make you sweat.

So what is more important than thread count to produce a good fabric is the fibre itself and type of weave. After many trials, we decided to use fine yarn (size 60) in a single-ply, with a 300 thread count for our Long-Staple Cotton Collection and We believe our selection will makes you sleep like a baby.

Sateen Weave

Long staple cotton Sateen sheet

The weave affects the way a sheet feels, the way it looks, its longevity, and its price. Our cotton sheets are woven in Sateen which is a one-yarn-under and three-yarn-over weave. With this unique satin-like weave, more threads exposed to the surface and gives off a subtle sheen that is elegant to the eye and silky smooth to the touch. Sateen fabrics, moreover, possess a light sheen and lovely drape; they are also more wrinkle-resistant and allow for superior comfort and rest year-round.

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